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ClipFlair - Foreign Language Learning through Interactive Revoicing and Captioning of Clips

ClipFlair Studio - (Silverlight app)
ClipFlair Gallery - (Activity, Video and Image galleries)
ClipFlair Social Network -

ClipFlair is a European-funded project for foreign language learning through interactive revoicing and captioning of clips.
  • Revoicing refers to any interaction between speech and image, such as dubbing, audio description, karaoke singing and reciting.
  • Captioning refers to any interaction between writing and image, such as conventional subtitling, same language subtitling, transcription, video annotations and comments.

Overview / Aims & Objectives / Consortium
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 ClipFlair - For language teachers News Feed 
 ClipFlair - For language teachers News Feed 

For Programmers - Contents of Readme.txt:

ClipFlair Project

Can find individual licenses for third-party projects that have been enhanced in respective subfolders.
The rest are covered by the main license (BSD).

Features list
(version control numbers - there are not codeplex WorkItems, are copied from our internal Redmine server)

1220 Zoomable container (FloatingWindow / FloatingWindowZUI)
1221 Runtime Property Pages (FlipPanel / backpanels with properties)
1234 Text Component (SilverText - TXT, XAML, DOCX)
1238 ClipFlair Studio - Activity Container / Component (supporting Nested Activities too)
1240 Captions Component (CaptionsGrid)
1241 Audio recording and playback (WAV/MP3 playback, in-memory recording, WAV export)
1246 Clip Component (SMF - Progressive download videos, IIS Smooth Streaming and DASH streaming)
1275 Standard Caption Formats support (CaptionsLib - SRT, TTS, Adobe Encore, FAB)
1287 ClipFlair Social Network platform (MonoX Social CMS - WebParts Framework)
1334 Image component (ZoomImage + MultiScaleImage - DeepZoom)
1335 Map component (Bing Maps)
1360 Gallery component (PivotViewer - Silverlight & Seajax versions), Gallery Home Page (NxN Grid Tiles, HTML / SVG), Metadata forms ( WebForms) and libraries (CXML parsing/generation)
1383 News component (SilverNews - Atom/RSS)
1384 Browser component and dialog for Studio's OOB version (Browser / BrowserDialog)
1386 ClipFlair Home Page (NxN Grid Tiles, HTML / SVG)

NuGet packages
Some functionality has been split to separate repositories and is made available via NuGet packages, also used by this project:
- Metadata.CXML:
- ClipFlair.Metadata:
- Compatibility:
- ZUI:

- Visual Studio 2010+ (with latest updates)
- Smooth Streaming Client 2.5 RTW (
- Microsoft Silverlight 5 SDK (
- Silverlight Toolkit (
- WPF Toolkit (

- for using Mercurial (say for contributing to in Visual Studio you can use VisualHG (
(after installing it, make sure you go to TOOLS/Options.../Source Control/Plug-in Selection and choose VisualHG)
- Productivity Power Tools extension for Visual Studio:
(in the Visual Studio Gallery exist releases of it various Visual Studio versions)

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