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  31. HowTo: hide video area of Silverlight Media Framework player -
  32. HowTo: Check MSDN Subscripber Downloads for tampering via SHA-1 key -
  33. HowTo: Multi-row captions and wrapping at Silverlight Media Framework -
  34. Opensource movies from Blender Project
  35. HowTo: Tell AddThis to not append tracking suffix on address bar -
  36. HowTo: Clear contents of Silverlight's RichTextBox control -
  37. HowTo: Write directly into a ZIP stream using DotNetZip -
  38. HowTo: Use DotNetZip - IonicZip library in Silverlight -
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  44. Fix: Transform Manager ignoring media files added to watch folders -
  45. Gotcha: Image Component not loading remote URLs during debugging -
  46. Fix: Visual Studio opens class diagram in XML editor with doubl click -
  47. Fix: Silverlight Media Framework player VolumeElement out-of-sync -
  48. HowTo: Format XML output of DataContractSerializer -
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  50. .NET String Class Extensions to replace prefix or suffix
  51. .NET String extension methods to check for array of prefixes or suffixes -
  52. Troubleshooting: Silverlight installation on MacOS-X
  53. Gotcha: var x = x() in Javascript gives "Object Expected" error -
  54. HowTo: Perform action after page child controls are databound -
  55. HowTo: Remove invalid filename characters in .NET -
  56. HowTo: Bind control to list of files or folders
  57. Gotcha: Use server-side comment, not HTML comment in
  58. HowTo: Save screenshot of a control hosted on a WinForm -
  59. HowTo: Display version information on WinForm title -
  60. HowTo: Use a timer component for delayed execution in WinForms -
  61. Gotcha: .NET Point and PointConverter inconsistency in string format used -
  62. HowTo: Find max ZIndex from a collection of UIElements with LINQ -
  63. Nice DeepZoom image samples via ClipFlair Studio’s Image component -
  64. Fix: XAML - The member Content is not recognized or is not accessible -
  65. Gotcha: OnLostMouseCapture always called by CaptureMouse at WPF -
  66. HowTo: Drop files onto Silverlight controls -
  67. Gotcha: System.IO.Path.GetInvalidPathChars result not guaranteed -
  68. Fix: Re-enable ClickOnce deployment at Mozilla Firefox -
  69. HowTo: Call C# method from class that has same name as namespace -
  70. Gotcha: No prefix increment/decrement operators, but get parsed -
  71. HowTo: Group output items using XSL transformation -
  72. Gotcha: don’t use ‘{$…}’ syntax or ‘$…’ syntax in XSL-XPath’s concat -
  73. HowTo: Quickly test a webpage in different Internet Explorer versions -
  74. Gotcha: JS replace on document.location fails, use document.location.href -
  75. HowTo: Tell IE to use compatibility mode without editing your web pages -
  76. HowTo: Use PivotViewer in WPF -
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  78. HowTo: Use WordPress Permalinks on IIS -
  79. Gotcha: MediaElement AutoPlay faster than doing Play at MediaOpened -
  80. Gotcha: MediaElement must be in visual tree for MediaOpened, MediaEnded to be fired -
  81. Fix: Allow rewind of Mp3MediaStreamSource back to start -
  82. Gotcha: MediaElement Source=null releases Stream, SetSource(null) fails -
  83. Suggestion: Making Intellisense in Visual Studio more intelligent -
  84. Fix: TortoiseHg not commiting files -
  85. Gotcha: MarkerReached event of MediaElement returns new Markers -
  86. HowTo: Open page from Internet Explorer Metro app into desktop IE -
  87. Fix: Enable Silverlight & other NPAPI plugins at Chrome web browser -
  88. HowTo: Use MEF to implement import/export etc. plugin architecture
  89. Source code analyzers for .NET porting & Portable Class Libraries (PCL) -
  90. Structuring (physical) source and (virtual) solution folders for portability -
  91. Suggestion: Visual Studio should offer to implement callbacks -
  92. HowTo: Copy effective-computed CSS style for specific HTML paragraph

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