Contribution to Microsoft developer platform evolution via feedback at Microsoft Connect website –

  1. Uml Views don’t have export image action -
  2. Copying a UML file in Solution Explorer doesn’t change internal ítem names -
  3. Can remove mscorlib reference from Silverligh Project but can’t add it again -
  4. Removing file from project and trying to add it again as a link from other folder fails -
  5. XAML editor window fails with catastrophic failure when a style tries to set style property -
  6. TimedTextElementStyle constructor shouldn't use Cell-based FontSize -
  7. OrderedScriptableObservableCollection doesn't implement Insert method -
  8. VolumeElement getting out of sync with Volume -
  9. If you open with XML editor a class diagram then it opens up as XML from then on -
  10. AllowDoubleClick toggle wrong help text -
  11. Audio Panning -
  12. DirectoryBrowse element in web.config doesn't allow one to specify sort order -
  13. Allow var declaration outside of code blocks -
  14. Keep Property Window contents visible when switching from WinForm designer to WinForm code
  15. Point class issue with two-way databinding
  16. XAML designer doesn't show SilverFlow library's FloatingWindow class in VS2012/VS2013, but does show in VS2010
  17. ScriptableMember attribute allowed for methods of C# interfaces, but ScriptableType is not allowed

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