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ClipFlair is a European-funded project for foreign language learning through interactive revoicing and captioning of clips.
  • Revoicing refers to any interaction between speech and image, such as dubbing, audio description, karaoke singing and reciting.
  • Captioning refers to any interaction between writing and image, such as conventional subtitling, same language subtitling, transcription, video annotations and comments.

Overview / Aims & Objectives / Consortium

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Contents of Readme.txt:

ClipFlair Project

Can find individual licenses for third-party projects that have been enchanged in respective subfolders
the rest are convered by the license mentioned at


- Visual Studio 2010+ (with latest updates)

- Microsoft Silverlight 5 SDK (

- Silverlight Toolkit (

- Smooth Streaming Client 2.5 RTW (


- for using Mercurial (say for contributing to in Visual Studio you can use VisualHG (
(after installing it, make sure you go to TOOLS/Options.../Source Control/Plug-in Selection and choose VisualHG)

- Productivity Power Tools extension for Visual Studio:
(in the Visual Studio Gallery exist releases of it various Visual Studio versions)

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